Publication of the book «The Art of Vaulting»

After much work and a great effort, we have finally here The Art of Vaulting. Design and Construction in the Mediterranean Gothic. P. Fuentes y A. Wunderwald (eds.)

Some of the highest and widest vaults in medieval architecture were erected in the Mediterranean area. Outstanding buildings with remarkable vaults and buttressing systems such as the cathedral of Mallorca represent important examples of technology transfer and contemporary innovation.

In The Art of Vaulting international experts from various academic and professional backgrounds explore the complex processes of medieval construction and design, investigating the structural behaviour of these buildings, analysing building techniques, and providing links to historical documents. This unique approach of combining fieldwork with the study of written sources provides new insights into these impressive monuments, technological progress, and the construction techniques of the time.

This series of publications by the DFG Research Training Group «Cultural and Technological Significance of Historical Buildings» focuses on selected topics related to construction in different cultures and periods. The individual volumes in the series approach these topics from engineering and cultural studies perspectives. Together they contribute to an interdisciplinary discourse on construction from the point of view of both culture and technology.

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