who we are


Villard3D is made up of the team of Paula Fuentes and Rosana Guerra. We carry out metric surveys of architectural heritage using state-of-the-art technologies and select the appropriate criteria based on the intended purpose documents: for restoration projects, stability studies, analysis of deformations, or studies of geometric patterns and construction features. We also provide structural reports on historic masonry structures.

Our professional path

We began our research career in the field of Construction History. In our respective PhD dissertations we were confronted with the need for surveying historic structures as a preliminary step to the studies we wanted to address on construction and stability. We learned to operate the total station and to obtain models with photogrammetry and, above all, did numerous drawings.

After completing our PhD dissertations almost at the same time, we continued measuring and drawing because we believe that any approach to heritage buildings must include adequate graphical description. Sometimes we drew our own projects; other time we did so on request.

In 2014 we started collaborating and realized that our strengths complemented each other well. In recent years, we have continued our training, both in the field of Construction History with an active research career, as well as in the specific fields such as metric survey and architectural representation, or structural analysis.

Currently, we work with different measurement techniques depending on the characteristics of each project. Fundamentally we use the terrestrial laser scanner that we complement with photogrammetry, total station, manual scanner and traditional methods of measurement.