Bóvedas Tabicadas en Arquitectura e Ingeniería

Universidad Técnica de Ambato, Ecuador

11-15 August 2014

Organizers: Facultad de Diseño, Arquitectura y Artes; Facultad de Ingeniería Civil y Mecánica; Universidad Técnica de Ambato

Lecturers: Santiago Huerta, Paula Fuentes, Ignacio Javier Gil Crespo and Esther Redondo Martínez

 The aim of the workshop was to show the possibilities of the technique of tile vaulting. It was attended by staff and students of the Universidad Técnica de Ambato.

The practical work was complemented with theoretical lectures about the history of vaults, the structural behaviour of arches and domes and modern uses for tile vaults. During the workshop some arches and vaults were built.

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