International Summer School Historic Masonry Structures

During two weeks in June, it took place the first International Summer School Historic Masonry Structures in Subiaco (Italy). Twenty-five students participated in this interesting project with theoretical lectures, fieldwork and excursions.

The purpose of this Summer School was to give an introduction to the theory and practice of Historic Masonry Architecture with a view to enable an understanding of their construction and structural behaviour.

Eight teachers and eight guest lecturers shared their knowledge with the students. Besides the theoretical lectures, the tutors: Roberta Fonti, Paula Fuentes, Rosana Guerra and Ignacio Javier Gil Crespo conducted the students fieldwork projects. The students learnt the process of the survey, using laser scanner and total station and the post-process of the data. They formed teams to make the survey, theanalysis of the construction and the structural analysis of four different parts of the monastery of St. Scolastica and they presented their results on the last day of the summer school.


Partner Universities:

Universitàdegli Studi di Salerno (Italia), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universita degli Studi Roma Tre (Italia), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (EEUU) and Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg (Alemania).


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