Teitos de pedra. Arcos, bóvedas e cúpulas das igrexas de Noia
[Stone ceilings . Arches, vaults and domes in Noias’s churches]

VII Semana da Historia de Noia, Spain

13 April 2015

Rosana Guerra took part in the VII Semana da Historia de Noia  [Noia’s 7th History Week] –her hometown–  with a talk about arches and vaults.

The talk began drawing the attention of the audience to the weight of the stones that form the vault. Then, she explained the mechanism of the arch, the normal cracking pattern and the different types of arches and vaults taking examples from the local churches and making use of several models to illustrate the explanations.

The talk finished loading with small sandbags a 3D printed arch until collapse.


The lecture is published in:

Guerra Pestonit, Rosana. 2015. “Teitos de pedra: arcos, bóvedas e cúpulas das igrexas de Noia.” Barbantia Anuario de Estudos do Barbanza 1 (11):37-45.

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